Project Management Director


Responsible for corporate wide assessment, planning, developing and implementing of future customer requirements, business development policies and programs [e.g. ISO 9001/TL 9000 and Project Management Institute (PMI) Certification Programs], project management, service delivery and financial management to ensure the future success of the company. This position provides project oversight in virtually all areas of the organization, managing corporate level projects and overseeing corporate wide resource distribution and allocation on all projects. While individually accountable for his/her own program, they may also be measured and held accountable for the success of all projects within their domain. Thus the structure supports the natural desire to work closely with other program managers on leveraging opportunities.


Functions considered essential as defined by ADA are denoted by an *.

* Chartering a Project Management Office (PMO) that delivers business benefit to the organization and regularly demonstrates value.
* Developing a metrics program to measure Project Office success.
* Relationship manager—create and develop working partnerships between project managers and functional managers.
* Developing and communicating the mission, vision, scope and benefits of the Project Office.
* Developing the skills of the Project Office staff and project managers.
* Prioritizing the application of the Project Office resources.
* Providing corporate project oversight, checkpoints, and controls.
* Managing budgets.
* Develops long-term analyses of future requirements for contracts and participates in selection of primary targets of opportunities, utilizing key employees from any division in directing the development of plans and implementation of programs for the marketing of the company’s capabilities.
* Plans, develops and implements business process development and re-engineering policies and programs, keeping informed of new methods, applicable industry standards and pending new product/service introductions.
* Directs the analysis for specific near-term market opportunities of major importance and the development of proposals, cost analysis and pricing, negotiation and contract strategies to ensure adequate level of customer satisfaction.
* Formalizes long-range planning projects considering such factors as financial resources, research capabilities, market analysis, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, global expansion and other international projects.
* Participates in merger and acquisition, joint ventures and solutions development, negotiations and implementation, leading cross-functional team to develop standards to market, sell and support new solutions.
* Provides internal planning and consulting services to divisions to develop new capabilities and market directions, recommending long-range sales goals and engaging potential customers and business opportunities.
* Hires, trains, supervises, regularly evaluates performance and counsels PMO and business development staff. Ensures proper orientation of staff into the organization.


Includes other specific duties/responsibilities as directed.

JOB QUALIFICATIONS (refers to job, not incumbent):

Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent
Preferred: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Required Certification/Licensure: None required

Minimum: 10 years telephony and customer service experience
Preferred: 15 years related business development experience

Applicable Scope Competencies (check all that apply):
Core Competencies are applicable to all Huawei jobs; Job Competencies are to be selected based on job content; Leadership Competencies are to be selected based on job content (jobs with people responsibility, such as supervisory, lead or project management)

Technical Knowledge/ Skills: (qualify level of skill required for this role: entry, intermediate, advanced)

Intermediate Microsoft Office applications knowledge; advanced business analysis and vendor management skills; advanced knowledge of company products and sales and marketing strategies.
General Areas of Knowledge: (qualify other important skills: entry, intermediate, advanced.)

Advanced oral and written communication, leadership, team building, organizational and interpersonal skills; advanced corporate, financial and business development practices, quality standards and customer understanding.


Must be able to lift/carry materials, move about the office, turn on and operate a computer in the applicable environment, communicate efficiently and effectively on the telephone or in person, and complete required paperwork. Extensive travel required.

WORKING CONDITIONS (relates to physical environment):

Standard indoor office and new or early construction site environment. Safety equipment includes hardhat and steel-toed boots as required by site.

POSITION REPORTS TO (title of immediate supervisor/manager):

Vice President, TSD

POSITION INTERACTS WITH (indicate internal and external contacts):

Company staff and management, client company staff and management, legal firm, government and other agencies, vendors, suppliers and contractors.